Top Tips

the number 1
Obki switching of all electrical devices that he is not using

Switch off electronic devices when not in use.

the number 2
Obki, Season 1, Episode 2, Micro-Mission Cover Art

Buy and wear clothes made from natural fibres, like cotton or linen. Avoid polyester because it releases microfibres into the sea.

the number 3
Create an insect island

Create insect gardens to promote biodiversity.

the number 4
Obki taking part in a fundraising event

Organise fun activities and fundraisers to help environmental charities.

the number 5
Plant trees where you can

Plant trees wherever you can.

the number 6
Obki visiting a local farm to pick his own fruits and vegetables

Buy food that is grown locally.

the number 7
Choose cycling instead of driving

Choose cycling over car journeys where possible.

the number 8
Pick up litter even if it is is not yours

Pick up litter even if it wasn’t you who dropped it.

the number 9
Reuse Aluminium Foil

Recycle and wash used tin foil.

the number 10
No Palm oil

Look for products that contain no palm oil, or are made from sustainable palm oil, to prevent deforestation and save the orangutans.

Did you know? Seagrass helps to keep the world's climate steady.