Meet Obki and Friends

Obki the eco alien in the rainforest


Obki is a lovable eco alien who’s on a mission to save our planet! It’s a big job, but with the help of his friends, he journeys to earth and learns how to tackle climate change and pollution, one step at a time. His eco adventures take him all over the world, from oceans to rainforests, where he soon learns that small changes can make a big difference.

Orb, Obki's friend


Orb is Obki’s cheerful and trusty time travel friend who prepares Obki for his eco missions. With heaps of useful facts and figures, she helps Obki understand some of the big environmental problems we face on planet earth, but always offers helpful tips and reminds us that making simple changes to the way we live is a positive force for good.

Obki, Season 2, Episode 15 Greenwashing Cover Art


Lumi is a cuddly penguin and Obki’s best friend. He looks up to Obki and loves to join him on eco missions (when he’s allowed!). Obki has taken Lumi under his gill and trusts him with important jobs, like looking after the base when he can’t be there. Although Lumi misses his friends and family, he knows that helping Obki to fight climate change will help save his family home in the Antarctic and protect other homes across the world.

Obki, Season 3, Episode 2 Garbage Patch Cover Art


Pax the panda is very playful and a little bit clumsy! After lots of fun (and the odd mishap), she likes to relax and chew on her favourite bamboo. When Obki heads off on his eco missions, Pax stays back at base, but takes it all in – she knows how important it is to look after the world we live in and, in particular, the forests which grow her special food and help the planet to breathe.

Janice the jellyfish


Janice is a jolly jellyfish with a warm smile and VERY long arms – perfect for slightly slimy cuddles! Sadly, Janice knows all too well how climate change and pollution are damaging our oceans and killing coral reefs. That’s why she’s joined Obki and friends on their eco missions to protect our planet – she knows that teamwork makes the eco dream work.

Walter the worm


Walter is a clever worm who loves burrowing his head in words and numbers. He loves to break down what matters and do his bit in the fight against climate change, while keeping habitats safe and protecting ecosystems. When he’s not busy – slowly wriggling through the earth – he enjoys recycling and munching on microbes.

Axel the plant


Axel is a crazy, fun-loving plant that flowers best in his favourite compost – those natural nutrients feed his soul (and the soil), helping him to grow strong. He loves a bit of recycled food waste, is partial to a bit of rock, and loves dancing in the sunlight. He’s cheeky and playful, but his roots are firmly planted in fighting climate change.

Obki, Season 3, Episode 8 Slime Time Cover Art

Slime Time

These clever little snails live in an allotment and are members of a band called Slime Time. Just like their favourite song from S Club 7, they ‘Don’t Stop Moving’ and, when they’re not making mollusc-inspired music, they’re busy supporting a bio-diverse ecosystem, breaking down plants and releasing important nutrients into the soil – helping us grow healthy food.

Daz the dinosaur


After using his electric time machine to visit planet Earth when the dinosaurs dominated life on land, a cute little dinosaur named Dax was roaming all alone, homeless and lost. After a little glitch in time, Dax found his way back to Obki’s base and a new loving home with Obki and his friends.

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